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Steelweaver's Rebellion is an unofficial Blades in the Dark module where you and your scrappy revolutionary crew must band together with other working-class factions in order to claw Coalridge back from fascism.

The module includes:

  • a new type of crew called Revolutionaries
  • hella scores
  • new mechanics for coalition-building, where you must unite factions both politically advanced and unconscious, while defeating reactionary factions who oppose your revolutionary goals
  • several new factions, including gun-toting sex workers who look out for their own and a gang of former child laborers who really like knives
  • an in-depth look at Duskvol's district of Coalridge

Steelweaver's Rebellion is feature complete and should keep your table occupied for a minute, but could use more angles, more factions, more scores, more causes to fight for. Keep an eye out for updates, and feel free to get in touch with me to make suggestions or necessary criticisms.

Thanks to Adam Vass for helping me with the layout!

NOTE: This project was originally written for an official module Broken Crown when it was being headed by James Stuart. So with that being said, I have zero legal claim to Blades in the Dark, which is owned by John Harper and Evil Hat. I'm allowing donations for people who enjoy my work and are able to support me, but they are not for purchasing Steelweaver's Rebellion—the module is free. Again, I don't own the intellectual property. This is basically fan fiction. Feel free to share it with your friends and modify it to your hearts content.


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Not only is this an important piece of perspective that's been painfully missing from/for Blades in the Dark, this is also an excellent longer form example of how you can set up a game (instead of the short gang violence one found in the core book).


Absolutely fantastic and much-needed addition to Blades. Where the original feels like a indulgent heist fantasy, Steelweaver's Rebellion pushes what I *wished* BitD had done more - to tell a story of fighting back by bleeding the oppressor through revolution.